The 2011 Five Domains of High-Performance White Paper

By i4cp

Over the course of the past few years, i4cp has concentrated its efforts on studying the practices of high-performance organizations. From the research we conduct to the companies with whom we connect, the inner workings of high-performance organizations, especially how they relate to human capital, have been the sole focus of our organization and member network.

High-performance companies are the role models of the organizational world. They represent realworld versions of a modern managerial ideal: that of an organization that achieves excellence in so many areas that it consistently outperforms most of its competitors and sustains that performance for extended periods of time, regardless of industry or economic conditions.

In addition to sharing a keen interest in studying successful leaders, we in the business world are also fascinated by high-performance organizations. What are their cultures like? What do they do differently? How do they navigate rough seas and consistently manage to come out ahead? Is there a secret recipe that enables them to outperform their competition?

In 2011, i4cp partnered with Human Resource Executive® to continue our study of the practices of world-class organizations with the goal of identifying the commonalities of what makes them tick as well as what differentiates them from their competitors. Both i4cp and Human Resource Executive believe that human capital is the lifeblood of all organizations, and an often overlooked and untapped competitive advantage in many companies.

i4cp ’s exploration into high-performance seeks to uncover the strategies and approaches that drive the best companies in the world so that others can take advantage of these “next practices” in order to reach a new level of productivity and business success.

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