Canadian Management Centre offers expertly crafted learning paths to suit your professional goals.

Our experienced Training Advisors will help you choose from a range of established learning paths or work with you to customize a path that suits your strengths, development opportunities, and career goals. Celebrate your achievements with a certificate of completion for each course and a final certificate when you complete your chosen path.

Review the sample paths below and contact us to discuss how we can help you unlock your full potential and embark on an extraordinary transformation.

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Management Mastery Learning Path image

Management Mastery

Establish a reputation as the go-to manager known for leading high-performing teams and delivering outstanding results. This path equips managers with essential skills to engage their team's strengths, boost productivity, and foster seamless collaboration.

Managers with less than 5 years of experience as a manager may benefit from starting with Management Skills for New Supervisors and Managers.

Contact us today to discuss how this path will elevate your management skills, empower your leadership, and unlock your full potential.

Communication learning path image

Master Communication

Tap into the power of effective communication and witness its transformative impact on teams and customer satisfaction. Experience enhanced alignment, productivity, and idea generation resulting in a happier and more successful workforce.

Reach out to us today for more information on how we can help empower you to become a master communicator.

"I love taking CMC courses, as they make me a better manager by giving me tools and confidence to manage my people better."

Level Up Leadership Learning Path image

Level-Up Leadership

Whether you're an experienced manager or a seasoned leader, it's crucial to continuously elevate your game to keep your teams engaged and productive. Learn how to coach team members to higher performance, communicate with clarity, courage, and conviction, and proactively prepare your organization, department, or team to tackle emerging challenges.

Let us help you achieve your leadership aspirations. Contact us today for more information and take the first step towards becoming an exceptional leader

Aspiring Leaders &High-Potential Employees learning path image

Aspiring Leaders & High-Potential Employees

Ready to unlock your potential and elevate your career? Step into your future as a leader by acquiring the skills to set you apart. Designed to help you demonstrate your readiness to take on new responsibilities and establish yourself as a standout among your peers. Explore the courses that will shape your path to success:

Take the first step towards standing out and making a lasting impact. Contact us today to learn more about how our learning path can empower you to become a sought-after manager or leader.

AMAZING Course! The information and practical exercises helped reinforce the learning, and the appendices provide excellent tools. Love that all the sources were shared as well, so I can continue with self-directed learning.

Being More Strategic Learning Path image

Be More Strategic

The ability to think strategically is a game-changer no matter what your level. This learning path will help you sharpen your ability to synthesize information, evaluate strategic options, and uncover the value of aligning people to strategic priorities. Understand how to apply a strategic mindset to any project or activity, how to get out of the habit of thinking only operationally about your responsibilities to how you can ensure that the strategic priorities deliver measurable results.


Let us help you move from someone who thinks operationally, to someone who thinks strategically and drives results.

Business Acumen Learning Path image

Build Business Acumen

Building business acumen will enable you to understand issues that affect businesses everyday. By deepening your insights into business operations, you will be able to adapt to changes quickly and continue to ensure your work supports business goals and contributes to success. 


Contact us today to discuss how this path will make an immediate difference in decision making and set you up for long-term success.

When I need help solving a problem, I can pick up the phone, and they’re there. With their experience and knowledge, CMC is ready to help us deal with any challenges.

Personal Effectiveness Learning Path image

Professional Effectiveness

Take the initiative to reach for a new skill, explore new knowledge or push your way past obstacles and be your best at work. 


Talk to us about how these non-negotiable skills will help make your days run more smoothly and amp up your work.

Action Oriented Learning Path image

Action Orientation

Become known as a person who gets things done. CMC’s action-oriented learning path will help develop skills that enable you to prioritize the right work at the right time. From using the best information to make the right decisions to effectively delegating work, this learning path will help make you more effective. 


Contact us today to learn how this path will help you take action and get results.

The CMC team is wonderful to work with, and over the years, they’ve developed strong relationships with our managers. Thanks to this partnership, our managers are much better equipped in their roles.

Project Management Learning Path image

Project Management Excellence

Most work in organizations is project based. Individuals and teams now drive performance and value amid constant change. Beyond the technical project work, much of the effort involves collaborating, influencing others and communicating across the organization. CMC’s comprehensive skills and adaptive approaches prepare you for the challenges of these new ways of working.


Contact us today to discuss how this path will develop the skills you need to deliver project results and get the best from your project teams.

Administrative Excellence Learning Path image

Adminstrative Excellence

Administrative professionals are the backbone of any organization. Cultivate your expertise in handling a wide range of tasks and adeptly maneuvering the corporate landscape. Build a reputation as a professional known for commitment to excellence and your ability to achieve results.


Learn how this path will elevate your skills and reputation as an administrative professional committed to excellence and results.

Personlized Learning Path image

Personalized Learning Path

CMC Learning Paths make identifying courses that support your career and development goals easier. We recognize that not everyone is on the same professional Path, and a prescriptive learning path may not suit you. Our expert Training Advisors will work one-on-one with you to discuss your strengths, development opportunities and career goals to create a learning Path that suits your professional goals. This complimentary planning service is no obligation to you. 

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