Effective Business Writing

Your writing is a reflection of you and your organization.

Effective writing is a highly transferable skill essential for most jobs. Employment and Social Development Canada recognizes writing as a crucial Skill for Success in the workplace. This practical course is designed to provide you with a solid grasp of the principles of effective business writing and offer a structured method for organizing your thoughts and selecting appropriate words, whether you're composing emails or executive summaries. By the end of this course, you will have the skills to craft clear, concise, and influential business communications.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the principles of effective business writing
  • Overcome writer’s block with easy-to-use strategies and techniques
  • Write with a service-orientation to satisfy your readers’ needs while getting your point across
  • Organize writing to be clear, informative, persuasive and effective
  • Build trust and credibility through your word choice
  • Apply guidelines of effective editing and proofreading to maintain professional standards across all of your writing
  • Project a professional image in your written correspondence
  • Gain confidence in your writing ability
  • Establish a high standard of written communication for yourself and your organization
  • Minimize costs associated with unclear, ineffective communication

Course Features

  • Hands-on activities to engage participants in demonstrating skills 
  • Worksheets and exercises to enhance participation and learning
$1,995 Non Member Fee
$1,845 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

$1,995 Non Member Fee
$1,845 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

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173 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant, Manager, Accounting Division Jan 26, 2024

    I really enjoyed this course. This course provided a lot of useful information which I will use in my work. Instructor Dr. L. Bayer made this course very interesting and engaging. I also appreciate Dr. Bayer sharing her experience and insights.

  • Past Participant, Administrative Assistant Jan 26, 2024

    It's very informative

  • Past Participant, Office Assistant Nov 28, 2023

  • Past Participant, Team Lead Nov 28, 2023

    I have learned so much from attending this course. I gained new techniques that I can apply at work. I learned so much from the instructor because she provided feedback on how I can re-phrase my opening sentences.

  • Past Participant, Senior Manager Nov 28, 2023

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