Grammar for Professionals

  • Business Writing & Presentation Skills
  • Course Code: 39001

Improved grammar gives you an advantage by conveying competence and credibility.

Mastering the rules of grammar is a foundation for all effective business communications. Especially in this digital age, your word choice, spelling and even the length of sentences can impact how others perceive you. This hands-on course reviews the basics of grammar, offers insights into new grammar rules, and provides an opportunity to practice applying grammar, usage, and syntax rules that you will use every day in your written communications.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the importance of grammar and write grammatically correct business documents
  • Use punctuation and style rules correctly
  • Produce clear and concise sentences
  • Proofread professional documents more accurately
  • Build trust and credibility through your word choice
  • Project a professional image in your written correspondence
  • Draft messages with great confidence
  • Establish a high standard of written communication for yourself and your organization

Course Features

  • Hands-on activities to engage participants in demonstrating skills
  • Worksheets and exercises to enhance participation and learning
  • Individual coaching and feedback from an expert practitioner
  • In-class assessments to evaluate your skill level
  • Proofread your writing and the writing of others with authority


Who Should Attend

All business professionals who want to express their ideas with clarity and professionalism.


$995 Non Member Fee
$895 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

$995 Non Member Fee
$895 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

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50 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Chris Minos, Manager Marketing, Everlink Payment Services Apr 1, 2020

    Good to take in conjunction with Business Writing to build on the previous set of skills.

  • Past Participant, BHP Canada Jun 29, 2021

  • Past Participant, Steadyhand Investment Funds Jul 11, 2019

    Please note I also attended the Business Writing Course which was superb. I did not enjoy the grammar course as I felt it was far too much to cover in one day. This is not an issue with CMC but rather my own learning curve. This is more appropriate as a college course over a semester as a substantial amount of grammar issues is solved through rote learning only. Reg was excellent. For someone who has a good handle on grammar and needs a refresher, this would be a good option. For someone who needs a more detailed program, this course is too short.

  • Past Participant, Ontario Medical Association Nov 1, 2019

  • Past Participant, Algonquin Nation Human Resources and Sustainable Development Corporation Nov 4, 2019


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