Assertiveness Training for Managers

Achieve greater results and higher influence with assertiveness techniques that will build confidence and credibility.

If you want to enhance your leadership stature and persuade others to help you reach your goals, Assertiveness Training for Managers is an important first step. This course gives you the opportunity to learn how your behaviour style impacts your overall performance as a manager. You’ll take stock of your current assertiveness skills and learn how you can improve them for a more effective approach. Using the behaviour modeling approach toward assertiveness training, learn to employ assertiveness skills to take control of a situation without alienating others.


How You Will Benefit

  • React assertively, appropriately and confidently in any situation
  • Create a polished, powerful and professional managerial style
  • Improve effectiveness as a manager by getting things done through others
  • Effectively produce stronger communicators for increased efficiency
  • Build a strong effective management team
  • Apply assertive behavioural techniques to manage others effectively
  • Assess the link between assertiveness, personal power and self-confidence
  • Demonstrate effective ways to influence behaviour change for positive results
  • Resolve conflict and express disagreement without alienating others
  • Maintain confidence and emotional control in tough situations
  • Demonstrate techniques to gain recognition and influence

Course Features

  • Self assessment for insight into individual behaviour and how you work with others
  • Simulation activities to help transfer learned skills and behaviour to the working world
  • Role play to practice techniques and behaviours in a safe environment
  • Worksheets and exercises to enhance participation and learning
  • Audiovisual resources to reinforce learning in an impactful manner

Who Should Attend

Professionals interested in adopting a more impactful and effective interpersonal management style.

Live Online classes are delivered in partnership with American Management Association.


$2,795 Non Member Fee
$2,495 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

$2,795 Non Member Fee
$2,495 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

When colleagues learn together, everyone benefits!

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112 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant, Senior Advisor Mar 22, 2024

  • Jason C., Operations Manager Mar 22, 2024

    Instructor was very very knowledgeable, material was well paced, The small size of the group allowed more sharing and participation and the general pace as well as break placement prevented you from "disconnecting"

  • Past Participant, Manufacturing Supervisor Mar 22, 2024

    Great pacing and plenty of opportunity to discuss with the instructor and other participants about personal issues or relevant case studies

  • Connie P., Manager of Patient Services Mar 20, 2024

  • Past Participant, Manager, Continuous Improvement Mar 20, 2024

    Excellent small group work that solidified my learning during this session.

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