Effectively Communicating in the Moment

Feel empowered when called upon to “stand and deliver” in spontaneous moments.

It’s happened to all of us—you’re asked to give a project update unexpectedly during a meeting, stopped in the hallway with an important question or are cornered in a challenging conversation. You can’t plan for these unrehearsed events, but you can take steps to always be confident and ready when they do happen by learning effective in-the-moment strategies.

How You Will Benefit

  • Assess your professional strengths and opportunities when communicating in the moment
  • Apply preemptive mindfulness and stress management strategies to bring your best self to in-the-moment communication challenges
  • Use in-the-moment mental templates to organize your thinking and frame your responses
  • Integrate impactful nonverbal delivery behaviors with your in-the-moment communication
  • Manage stress in difficult impromptu interactions
  • Organize and frame responses using mental templates
  • Develop behaviors that convey professionalism
  • Apply preemptive mindfulness to bring out your best self
  • Employ listener analysis to frame messages
  • Use in-the-moment strategies to organize your thinking
  • Integrate impactful nonverbal delivery behaviours with your in-the-moment communication

Course Features

  • Instructional variety to fit your individual goals and skills
  • Practice directed toward achieving insights and practical skills
  • Constructive feedback opportunities to practice being coaches as well as learners
  • In-the-moment communication opportunities will abound!
  • Video recordings to give you the opportunity to try new skills in a safe environment
  • Job aid to help you recall and apply key learning points back in your workplace

Who Should Attend

All business professionals at any point in their careers who need to develop and improve their in-the-moment communication capabilities and confidence.

Live Online classes are delivered in partnership with American Management Association.


$2,695 Non Member Fee
$2,395 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

$2,695 Non Member Fee
$2,395 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

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28 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Julia H., Associate Regional Manager Aug 3, 2023

  • Past Participant, Senior Financial Advisor Aug 3, 2023

  • Past Participant, Senior Project Leader May 2, 2023

    Gave me new context to think about

  • J. Purchase, HR Mar 28, 2023

  • Sara Yagambrum, College Of Dental Hygienists Of Ontario Oct 18, 2022

    "Communicating Effectively In The Moment" was a very enriching seminar. The instructor, Denise, was very engaging, professional and enthusiastic. Taking into account each participant learning objective, Denise ensured that we made the most out of the learning experience. The course material was thorough, especially with the different interactive case studies and exercises. It kept the participants lively and engaged. Denise was always ready to answer our questions with relevant examples. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to better their communications skills, especially when dealing with difficult conversations.

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