9 Questions to Ask Your Employees

By Canadian Management Centre

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In the RealityChek® Conversation The Check-In Challenge, Tania and Nellie discuss making meaningful connection with your team through the power of coaching questions. Here are the 9 questions to ask your employees:

  1. How are you (and your family) holding up and feeling health-wise?
  2. What do you find the most difficult part of all this for you?
  3. How have you had to be supported differently now, whether at home or with the logistics of the office/shop?
  4. What’s keeping you motivated right now?
  5. How can I help you know and feel you’re effective?
  6. What practical element of what you’re doing could we look at?
  7. What have you noticed about how you’re working now that may be of benefit later?
  8. What 1 thing would you change if you could about the way we’re doing or do business?
  9. How am I to best let you know that you’ve been heard?

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