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Everything in business is quickly changing during these very challenging times. As a manager, are you adapting and growing in a way that ensures lasting career success? How will you set yourself apart in a field likely to become even more competitive?
Canadian Management Centre, as part of AMA Global, is excited to bring AMA's Certified Professional in Management™ to Canada (AMA-CPM). This groundbreaking certification lets current and prospective employers, clients, and colleagues know that you have the skills, knowledge, and experience to succeed as a manager in today’s challenging environment.
How certification can help you advance your career:
•    Increases your management knowledge beyond job experience
•    Improves your job performance and productivity
•    Increases internal and external customers’ confidence in your work
•    Helps distinguish you from others who are not certified
•    Promotes a positive impact on your organization's bottom line

Join us for a complimentary 30-minute global webcast to learn more about why management certification was developed, how certification benefits both managers and organizations overall, and the importance of The Management Body of Knowledge.

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