Continuous learning and skill development are critical for maintaining a competitive edge. The Course Savings Pass (CSP) from Canadian Management Centre offers a streamlined, cost-effective solution designed to maximize your training investment. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your team’s skills, ensure preparedness for evolving challenges, or simplify your training procurement process, a CSP provides flexibility and supports your organization’s needs.

Key Benefits:

Budget Management

  • Cost-Effective: Significant savings compared to individual course registrations.
  • Prepaid Access: Ensure that when a need arises, the budget is already available to address it.
  • Budget Management: Forecast your fixed budget for additional training resources during the year.
  • Streamlined Procurement: A one-time purchasing process with a single invoice simplifies approval and reduces administrative burden.



  • Organization-Wide Use: Use the registrations for anyone within your organization.
  • Continuous Learning: Equip your team, including new hires and promoted employees, with the latest skills to meet evolving business challenges.
  • Customizable Plans: Tailor the number of registrations based on historical or anticipated training volume.
  • Any Course, Any Time: Avoid the pressure of immediate course selection – choose the right course when the need arises.
  • Tailored Learning Paths: Use CMC’s learning paths to create development plans or receive expert guidance from a dedicated Training Advisor to choose the best course(s) for your team.
  • New Hire and Promotion Support: Ensure new hires and newly promoted team members catch up on training previously delivered to their teams through CMC’s Corporate Learning Solutions. 


Administrative Efficiency

  • Centralized Contact: Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated contact for all registration and support. 
  • Redemption Assistance: Receive detailed reports and administration support, making it easy to track and communicate course usage.


Choose From Our Most Popular Course Savings Pass Options    

3 Registrations - $5,595 ($1,865/registration)

6 Registrations - $10,500 ($1,750/registration)

12 Registrations - $19,980 ($1,665/registration)

24 Registrations - $36,396 ($1,540/registration)

50 Registrations - $65,000 ($1,300/registration)

100 Registrations - $110,000 ($1,100/registration)


For a tailored solution, customize your pass based on your training needs. Call 1-866-929-1590 to connect with a Training Advisor
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"The Course Savings Pass has significantly enhanced our ability to develop our team. Access to such a wide range of courses has enabled us to upgrade skills affordably. Knowing we have prepaid access to training throughout the year keeps us agile and ready to meet our team’s needs. The simple purchasing process and dedicated support have made managing our training seamless. This investment has truly benefited our team's growth and overall efficiency." ~ HR Director, Technology Organization

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