A Playbook for the People Side of M&A

By Erika Duncan and Aaron Olman, CMCQuarterly Spring 2023

A Playbook for people side of mergers and acquisitions image

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex endeavours that can bring significant benefits to companies. However, they also come with a set of challenges, particularly when it comes to the people side of the equation. Integrating two workforces with different cultures, processes, and values is no easy task, and failure to do so effectively can result in decreased morale, high turnover rates, and ultimately, failed M&As.

In this article, you'll find guidance on how you can create your own M&A playbook ensures a seamless employee experience, an intentional culture and an engaged workforce. So if you're involved in an M&A process, whether as a leader or an HR professional, keep reading to learn how to navigate the people side of the equation with confidence.

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