Close That Sale

By Jim Lewis

It’s the middle of the month and you are sitting at your desk reviewing the preliminary monthly sales forecasts submitted to you by your sales representatives. You notice that one prospect’s name keeps appearing on the list month after month, forecast to close, but never closing. Your company has put a lot of time and expense into selling this account. This is the same prospect that you authorized the multiple "four legged" sales calls, prototyped the "must have, or we won't buy" reports and hosted for a full day at your corporate headquarters. What’s the problem?

You decide to call your sales representative to determine what else needs to be done to insure that this prospect finally closes this month, as forecast. He informs you that he has just spoken with the prospect and that they still haven’t made a decision. They’ve asked him to give them a call in about three months. Check off another opportunity lost to “No Decision.”

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