Virtual Classroom (Live Online) Sessions

Virtual classrooms provide you with another option for delivering learning and development programs to your target audience.  Leveraging web-conferencing technology, a virtual classroom allows you to participate in a collaborative and interactive learning experience regardless of the physical location of your target audience while maintaining a high quality learning experience.

Delivered by Canadian Management Centre’s expert facilitators, our virtual classroom sessions are designed as live, interactive, instructor-led courses that can be accessible anywhere via the internet.  The technical requirements for a seamless experience are simple and inexpensive to implement.  All you need is a computer, a reliable high-speed internet connection, Adobe Acrobat Reader and a headset (telephone or computer).

The virtual classroom option can be used for:          

  • Course Delivery – many of our popular instructor-led programs can be delivered in a virtual classroom format.  Special attention has been taken to ensure the same level of interaction in a virtual classroom environment as is available in a traditional classroom.  Courses are shortened to a maximum of 3 hours per segment, but are delivered over several days.  This ensures participants can remain fully engaged during the delivery.

  • Blended Learning– many of our clients have engaged virtual classrooms as a way to extend learning beyond the physical classroom.   A post-course virtual classroom session allows participants to re-group to prepare for their upcoming learning experience or to debrief on their key learnings from a program.  Their facilitator can follow-up with participants to track progress and address any challenges participants may be facing.  The opportunity to re-connect with both the Facilitator and their peers ensures accountability on the participant for transferring their learning back on the job.


Who Would Benefit
Individuals and/or organizations looking for:

  • A cost effective learning solution for a geographically dispersed audience
  • A delivery option to complement an instructor-led program or curriculum
  • An alternative delivery mode to in-class training


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