Dealing With Resistant Employees: How to Connect With People to Get Results

By Canadian Management Centre

Right now, take a few seconds to contemplate how your life would change if you could just get through to the resistant people you work with.   The people who don’t want to adapt to change, who are defensive when you offer suggestions or feedback and who only seem to focus on the negative of every situation.

Trying to persuade, influence and motivate employees and colleagues who are resistant, overwhelmed, stressed out or just generally difficult is not only exhausting but wastes precious time. But as a leader it’s your job. After all, you’re expected to coach your team to top performance, manage through your ever changing environment, get work done across ‘silos’, not to mention influencing up to your own boss, all while staying positive and avoiding burnout. 

Based on our new 2-Day course, The Secret to Getting Through to Anyone, we’ll introduce you to concepts that will help you listen and connect with these resistant people to drastically change your results.  

View this webinar to find out how you can leverage proven techniques to transform these frustrating scenarios into productive outcomes.  

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