Diversity: It’s Right, but That Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy

By Jeff Thull

These three best practices from Deloitte & Touche can be used as a blueprint for any organization committed to creating a diverse workplace....

I'm proud to say that right now, the organization I work for is the most diverse it has ever been in its history - certainly far more so than when I first walked through the doors 29 years ago. And I feel confident that we - like many other businesses across corporate America - will continue to grow more diverse as time progresses. Diversity offers great benefits: organizations like Catalyst and DiversityInc have calculated the increased returns on equity of businesses with more women and minorities, respectively, in their executive ranks. At my organization, we find our clients increasingly eager to determine that we have a solid diversity and inclusion program before we enter into engagements with them. And it's absolutely appropriate for our clients to want to know whether the organization they turn to for counsel shares their values on diversity.

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