Executive Leadership: Trending Toward Trouble

By Carol Morrison

Have you seen the disturbing headlines (du jour) in the business press? Executive turnover is continuing a steady trend upward. If you are a business leader, you probably have one of two reactions to that news: Either you're excitedly looking at your options to jump ship, or you're wondering how the heck to ensure a solid pipeline of executive talent for your organization.

The online Wall Street Transcript characterizes executive turnover as being "on a tear" over the past year. And figures compiled by Liberum Research offer a sobering comparison of January 2011/January 2012 changes for CEOs (up 191%), CFOs (up 144%) and C-level executives (up 107%). The latter category includes board members, CEOs, CFOs and other execs down to the VP level. Sectors taking the hardest hits across the board: energy, banking and drugs/biotech.

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