HR: Can I Get a Do-over?

By Eric Davis

Every kid at one point or another thinks about what they want to be when they grow up - I know I did. And while a glimpse into the future of my chosen profession and career would have been appreciated, would it have changed anything? So many of our choices, it seems, are less about planning and more about how we react to what rises up in our paths.

i4cp's latest white paper takes a look at predictions for issues impacting the workforce in the coming year from the perspective of HR practitioners and thought leaders. Talent, Politics and Global Expansion: HR Predictions asks about probable issue outcomes for the immediate future on organizational, U.S. national and global levels. Among other topics, we asked for forecasts about hiring, the outcome of the 2012 U.S. presidential election and the ripple affects of the dept crisis in Europe.

Because high- and low-performing organizations often diverge in how they perceive events unfolding, this research offers differing glimpses of the future that both market leaders and lagers are positioning their organizations to tackle. And perhaps more useful in the long run, we let you know how planned actions and reactions to these events - more than the predictions - help shape these organizations' fates. In addition to the findings highlighted in the predictions paper, which combine results from the i4cp 2012 Critical Issues Survey and the i4cp 2012 Q1 Spot Survey, one question was asked that had more to do with the past than the future.

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