Is Job Shadowing Ignored in Your Organization?

By Mark Vickers

Maybe it's the name. "Job shadowing" has a slightly ominous, film noir ring to it, as if Sam Spade is lurking in the corners of the workplace, digging for secrets and casting a cynical eye on pernicious personalities.

How else to explain why such a useful tactic is employed by less than a third of organizations?

Of course, the real explanation is probably much more prosaic; that is, it's a valuable practice that a lot of companies just haven't adopted yet, or are using only on an informal basis.

In essence, job shadowing occurs when an employee or prospective hire watches an experienced worker as she or he performs a specific job. A recent study i4cp conducted on behalf of a major global organization found that just 31% of respondents said their firms use job shadowing.

But there are several reasons why its use may be an up-and-coming trend.

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