How to Keep Strategic Workforce Planning 'In the Room'

By Carol Morrison

Only 21% of professionals say their leaders use workforce planning in business decision-making. Really? For a function that has the potential to deliver powerful insights that directly speak to organizational capability to execute the strategies that leaders so carefully craft, that's a pretty dismal statistic.

Only 21%. It isn't that workforce planners aren't trying, or that they aren't getting information to organizational decision makers. In fact, a new study from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) confirms that workforce planning initiatives - like those at i4cp member company Luminant - are underway in more than three-quarters of surveyed business leaders' organizations.

That's up from 70% in a 2009 i4cp survey. Further, i4cp's 2011 Strategic Workforce Planning Survey reveals that workforce planning teams are succeeding in getting top-level attention for the insights they uncover. A third of respondents in 2011 say that their CEOs review workforce planning results, while eighteen percent of boards see the output.

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