Knowledge Management Implementation: HR Executives Speak Out

By Canadian Management Centre

"The evolving KM field is of particular importance to today’s HR professional. The rapidly increasing global demand for the knowledge worker and the opposing decreasing labor supply are cause for both concern and action." 

This article reports the results of the Human Resource Institute’s most recent study of knowledge management. The major focus of the study is on the intent, support, and participation that affect the success of knowledge management system implementation. Particular emphasis is placed on HR functions in rewarding and training for sharing knowledge and on creating and maintaining a knowledge-sharing corporate culture. A concise review of the evolution of knowledge management concepts identifies the changes and still-unanswered questions concerning the next generation of knowledge management. An identification of the social and economic forces affecting the increasing demands for the knowledge worker and the rapidly decreasing labor supply accentuate the imminent need for KM systems. Following the discussion of the study results, the authors conclude with implications for HR’s role as strategic partner and champion in knowledge management system implementation success. 

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