Tips on How to Lead Teams Post Pandemic

By Canadian Management Centre

Lead Teams Post Pandemic Image

In this RealityChek® Conversation, Tania and Carl chat about the impact of the pandemic has had on how we lead projects. And, as leaders, to ask 3 critical questions: 

  1. What mindset do we want to have when we face adverse conditions that make it hard to meet project objectives? Do we want to compete, collaborate or simply walk away? 
  2. If we choose to collaborate (which has enabled a lot of innovation during this time), we need to ask: How do we bring people together so they tie themselves to our mission, vision, values and business strategy? 
  3. Finally, as it relates to measuring results, be sure to ask: Are we using the right measures for the outcomes we’re looking for? 

Along with these critical questions, we need to help people make decisions with less information as our landscape will continue to change and evolve quickly.

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