Making People a Priority - Employee Engagement at Work

By Canadian Management Centre

Every year, Canadian Management Centre initiates a National Thought Leadership Series where we have the opportunity to go across the country and share key insights. While on the road, we strive to learn more about what organizations are doing to develop their people, foster engagement, and enhance performance and productivity. On our last tour, we were focused on the topic of Employee Engagement and introducing our Build a Better Workplace™ research. When we consider the findings from the research and the engagement model we’ve created in partnership with Ipsos Reid, we can clearly identify the components that influence engagement and the drivers that make a difference.

In the discussions we had as we moved across the country, there were two organizations that stood out: SAP and Pythian. We were thrilled when they agreed to be profiled in this edition of our catalogue so that we could share some of what they’re doing in their organizations to develop their people and create a culture of engagement .

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