New Year's Evolutions

By Lorrie Lykins

So here we are at the start of a new year, slogging through the inevitable (and often tedious) year-in-review retrospectives and forecasts for 2012. But, let’s be honest – how much do those forecasts really affect your life?

We get it – looking ahead requires perspective in terms of where we’ve been and what we’ve learned so far, but too often forecasters merely jump on the most recent bandwagon. We know from experience that sustained high performance is synonymous with, among other things, being ready for change – and having a degree of insight into what’s around the corner doesn’t hurt. 

It’s easy to predict that new challenges await all of us – but research and experience clearly shows that organizations best positioned to seize upon and leverage the strategic advantage of the next best practice, and that continue to foster a culture of innovation, are the successful organizations. So what does all that really mean – what should we in HR be thinking about and how can we support innovation and growth that will help kick our organizations into high gear in 2012?

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