Getting Results Without Authority - It's Time to Make an Impact Webinar (Earn 1 PDU)

By Canadian Management Centre

Now, more than ever before, individuals at any level in an organization have the power to influence and drive results.  With departmental silos breaking down, more cross-functional teams appearing in the workplace, and flatter organizational structures becoming the norm, we no longer have to climb the corporate ladder to be heard.

Some of us feel that we don’t have the structure, authority, or support to make a difference in our workplaces, but the reality is we can be impactful.  Whether we communicating up the management hierarchy, across a cross-functional team, or down a line of direct reports, we have many people to make an impression on, and the power to shape their perception of us is in our hands.  

By understanding our own personal power and by recognizing the preferred working styles of others, we can begin to build credibility, trust and support amongst the very people who will help achieve the success we want in our careers.

View this webinar with a Q&A session and discover your personal power and how to achieve the results you want, regardless of your authority in the organization.  

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