Is Your Learning Strategy Built to Endure the Challenges Facing the Today’s Learner?

By Canadian Management Centre

Modern, distracted learners need a different approach to convert learning into results. Research shows learners forget 90% of what they’ve learned in just 2 weeks unless it’s reinforced.  Our highly connected, fast-paced and rapidly evolving environment has created an unparalleled level of distraction for today’s modern learner.  Our average attention span is now shorter than a goldfish at 8.25 seconds!

2018 Insights show key areas that can augment and support your training solutions to meet the needs of today’s modern learner.   More specifically we are seeing continued growth in digital learning to offer accessible, bite-sized learning modules.  Advances in neuroscience are providing insights into the conditions needed to optimize learning and enhance memory. And learning sustainment strategies are being created to reinforce key messages and reduce the forgetting curve.

Is your organization’s learning strategy built to endure the challenges facing today’s learner in 2018?

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