Maximizing Employee Performance: Tapping into the Social Brain

By Canadian Management Centre

Traditional approaches to managing and rewarding employee performance continue to fall short in improving engagement.  Organizations are shifting their focus to the bigger picture of creating the employee experience, which is fuelled by a need to find meaning, connection and fulfilment in our working lives. 

Emerging research in neuroscience reinforces this need to direct attention to the ‘social’ aspects of our workplace and to shaping an environment that allows employees to work in psychologically safe and rewarding cultures that optimize their capacity to do their best work.

So, the question is, what exactly does it mean to HR and Learning Professionals to enable the future of work by designing with the social brain in mind?

Join us for this FREE 1-hour webinar to explore key insights for creating a workplace environment that manages, recognizes and rewards employees by appealing to the brain and how people are naturally wired.

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