Why Performance Reviews Don’t Work

The workplace has evolved.  Technology has advanced.  Demographics have shifted.  Employees value and expect different things. And yet, for most organizations, the way we manage performance has remained virtually unchanged.

Whether you lead people or not, chances are you dread the annual performance review. In fact, most of us openly admit they are ineffective, unreliable and demotivating. As a result, many organizations are doing away with these soul-crushing annual reviews in favour of more progressive approaches.  And while the reasons for abandoning traditional methods vary from company to company, the impact is the same.  Without a structured process for setting objectives, without planned opportunities to give feedback and without HR shepherding the process – will leaders in your organization make the time to do it?  Will employees get what they need to succeed? 

This webinar explores the drivers for a performance management ‘reboot’ and what you need to know to be set up for success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover what’s driving new approaches in performance management
  • Consider the effect of poorly managed performance conversations including the impact on employee retention
  • Uncover the critical skills you must develop to successfully transition to a more a progressive approach 



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