About Risk Form

By Canadian Management Centre


A Risk Form is a document which is completed by a member of a project to raise with management a new project risk. Risk Forms may be used to formally log any type of risk; however, the most frequent types of risks identified relate to the project:

  • Scope
  • Deliverables
  • Timescale
  • Resources


Risk Forms are used during the ‘Execution’ phase of the project (i.e. the phase within which the deliverables are produced) as part of the Risk Management Process. The Risk Form should be completed by the Risk Identifier and formally distributed to the Project Manager for review. The Project Manager will determine whether or not the form provides adequate information in order to submit it to the Risk Review Group for approval. The Project Manager may request either that more information be provided, or that a formal feasibility study (to assess the options for mitigating actions) be conducted. Following the completion of either of these activities, the Risk Form will be presented to the Risk Review Group for approval. The Project Manager will monitor the status of the risk and communicate the final decision of the Risk Approval Group to the Risk Identifier.

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