Say Goodbye to 11th Hour Sales Negotiations

By Jeff Thull

How many times have you thought you were about to close a big sale only to find that the customer had many questions and objections at the last minute? Author Jeff Thull explains how to ensure that those 11th hour surprises become a thing of the past....

One of the enduring myths of negotiation is that the final stage of the sale - the "close" - involves a back and forth struggle with the customer. But in reality, negotiation at its best consists of open, honest communication based on mutual respect and trust. It begins with the very first conversation and continues throughout the relationship. We refer to this as the "diagnostic process." When you use this process there is no need for high-pressure, last minute bargaining. Few, if any, objections arise just before the deal becomes final and there is no need for "arm-wrestling" in the eleventh hour.

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