Storytelling Power: Secrets for Exceptional Communication

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Captivate your audience. Create emotion. Influence like never before.

Great stories can move mountains. The best storytellers have the power to persuade people to get behind an idea and give it their total support. Yet the ability to relate a story that people can connect with, are persuaded by and feel passionately about is a rare skill. This course will show you how to craft engaging and motivating stories that can spark commitment and passion throughout your organization—and grow your professional influence. Get ready to create your most inspiring messages and convey them with true conviction.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Determine effective stories to tell an individual or group in any situation that will engage people’s interest
  • Bring abstract ideas to life in a tangible, concrete way
  • Frame issues to foster understanding and agreement
  • Create rapport with individuals holding a wide range of attitudes, dissolving perceived barriers
  • Bring up difficult, emotionally charged issues without triggering defensiveness and resistance
  • Foster receptivity in others by allowing more of their authentic self to emerge, thus making it easier for people to relate to you
  • Mobilize people to action long after their direct interaction with you is over
  • Use compelling stories to appeal to listeners’ emotions and drive your points home
  • Relay information in an experiential manner for greater impact and understanding
  • Make a more powerful impression in meetings and presentations
  • Win over, influence and gain the trust of clients, customers and colleagues
  • Engage listeners with stories that naturally lead them to reach the conclusions you want  

Course Features:

  • Receive a copy of the book Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins and an audio CD of the six kinds of stories identified during your seminar
  • Practice delivering your stories in a safe environment
  • Coaching and direction from an expert practitioner throughout the program


Who Should Attend

Business professionals at all levels who are looking for an innovative and fresh way to stimulate and engage others, in order to get the outcomes they want.

Whoever tells the best story wins



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