New Study Shows Employee Attitudes Differ Across Generations


How North American workers feel about their role within a company differs across generations, according to a survey of 27,813 employees at 13 companies conducted by ISR, a Chicago research and consulting firm.

Here’s what the survey found:

  • The youngest employees, the "Nexters" (those under 25) are the most optimistic about company leadership and career development, but are less engaged with their organizations.
  • The Gen Xers (25-44 years old) are the least satisfied and most pessimistic about their corporate futures.
  • The Baby Boomers (45-54) and Veterans (over 55) are least favorable on job authority and having information necessary to do their jobs, and are ore concerned with "big picture" issues.

"Past experience and changes in the social structure and the corporate environment may well have contributed to the disparity in attitudes between the generations," says Patrick Kulesa, ISR Global Research Director. "Our research uncovered significant differences in how the generations view their companies and their roles in them. Understanding these generation gaps and why they occur can help firms increase employee engagement—and decrease turnover."

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