The Leader in You: Leadership Defined

By Canadian Management Centre

Rapid change, economic uncertainty, emerging technologies, shifting demographics and diverse expectations among the workforce create new challenges and opportunities for organizations. As a result, the role of a leader has evolved and so has the definition of leadership. 

Given the new realities of the workplace, many leaders are left to redefine who they are, refresh their leadership perspective and reevaluate how to engage and lead their teams. Effective leaders are not only able to connect with individuals to increase engagement and retention, but they are also able to build loyalty and gain commitment from their employees.

In this recorded webinar you will learn more about 7 key competencies that define successful leadership. As a leader, it is your role to provide guidance and direction for your team, communicate expectations and ensure that your employees are equipped to achieve the desired goals.

Featuring CMC Facilitator Bill Williams, discover how your leadership approach can encourage and support employee engagement and equip your team to achieve individual and organizational success.

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