The Name of the Integrated Talent Management Game

By Kevin Oakes

You may have missed this when it happened - that's okay, I'm sure most people reading this did. There's now a human capital software company called "Lumesse." I have no idea how to pronounce it (and I searched hard on their website), but I think it rhymes with "new mess." The point is, it's not a new company. Lumesse, formerly known as StepStone Solutions, said in their press release that "...the new brand is the first step in making Lumesse an increasingly high-profile, global player in the fast-growth talent management sector."

I can't wait to hear what the second step will be.

This one may have also slipped by you last month: "PeopleFluent" emerged on the talent management software scene. This company isn't new either; it was formerly called PeopleClickAuthoria (if you're thinking that they must have been going for the world record for most syllables in a single company name, you're not alone). PeopleFluent's message is that the new brand "sets out to establish a new identity that better reflects the customer-inspired vision it conceived and began to build more than a year ago." I'd have to agree. But then again I think I'd have agreed that "Charlie" would have been a better identity, too.

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