Unmanaging Performance: Shifting Mindsets from Process to People


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We all know most managers aren’t interested in performance management. They feel burdened by the administrative requirements and uncommitted to the process – even while your organization continues to revise and simplify that process. 

Performance management, as we’ve practiced it, is underperforming (Gartner, 2019).

In fact, it’s broken. And fixing it isn’t about process – it’s about people. That means ‘unmanaging’ performance management and shifting mindsets from doing things to employees – rating and reviewing – to doing things for them so they can achieve their best work. Fixing performance management, in other words, requires leaders to focus less on checking boxes and rating scales and more on championing their people, building their capabilities for the future and aligning their strengths with the work that needs to get done.

This webinar touches on the leadership mindset and capabilities vital to driving true performance. We’ll share experience-based insights to help you focus on what really matters so performance management efforts actually impact performance.

Why Attend

  • Examine where organizations typically go wrong in ‘fixing’ performance management
  • Understand the disconnect between what organizations versus their employees expect from performance management, and how that gap kills engagement and compromises talent potential.
  • Discuss manager blind spots that undermine the employee experience and weaken the foundation of great performance: strong manager-employee relationships.
  • Explore the ‘unmanaging performance’ approach and shift the focus of performance management from administrative processes to purpose-driven employee growth and engagement.
  • Discuss the mindset and skillset required to activate performance through purposeful conversations.
  • Gain experience-based insights that will help you focus on what really matters so that your performance management efforts impact performance.

Who Should Watch: HR, OD and Talent Development professionals who are looking to improve organizational performance. 

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