What is the difference between Live Online & Remote Access?

Live Online and Remote Access courses give you the option to attend live, instructor-led courses from the comfort of your home or office.  

  • Remote Access courses are delivered by Canadian Management Centre. In these fully immersive classes, you will join your peers from across Canada to participate in the same high-quality experience you would have in a classroom setting. These intimate and interactive sessions are live and include engaging visuals, individual and group exercises and real-time video of your facilitator and fellow participants. These aren’t classroom courses suddenly delivered virtually. These are proven courses redesigned for the virtual environment.
  • Live Online courses are delivered in partnership with our affiliates at American Management Association. AMA has been offering virtual learning for over a decade. By tapping into their catalogue of courses, we have been able to enrich the development options and dates available to Canadians. All sessions are live and interactive. You will engage with the facilitator and your peers from across North America in a variety of activities that bring learning to life. 

Whether you attend a Remote Access or Live Online session, your experience is guaranteed.   If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll work with you to make it right.

Security and Virtual Learning

We deliver classes using Zoom, RingCentral or AdobeConnect. We take care to implement steps that improve the security of attending a virtual session. You can expect some or all of these security precautions to be in place when participating. 

  • A Dedicated Producer - each session has a dedicated producer who knows who is supposed to be in attendance. Everyone, even the facilitator, has to be let into the meeting room by the producer. 
  • A Meeting Passcode - registrants are given a passcode with their confirmation that gives them access to the waiting room. 
  • Invite Only Links - meeting passcodes may be encrypted in the invite link sent to each participant, allowing participants to enter the session with one click.  


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