How to Make Better Decisions in 5 Steps

By Canadian Management Centre


Follow these 5 steps to make better decisions at work

  1. Ensure a Quality Process Focus on the vision of what you’re trying to achieve to arrive at a good ‘quality’ decision rather than being distracted by making the ‘right’ one.
  2. Frame Your Decision Ask questions to generate positive choices and possibilities.Explore different options to make a more sound decision.
  3. Involve the Right People Involve others to generate multiple options, consider various perspectives and evaluate the benefits and risks of each choice.
  4. Articulate Uncertainty Explore what you don’t know. Outline risks and recognize assumptions you may have. Evaluate the impact of your decision and possible consequences.
  5. Envision the Future Reflect on what the future will look like if you make this decision. Consider the short and long-term impact of your decision.

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