Does Your HR Scorecard Help Your Organization Win?

By Mary Ann Downey from i4cp

The calendar has already turned to December and with it the promise of a new year. While in our personal lives a new year usually signals "New Year's Resolutions," our organizations practice another ritual: assessing the current year's accomplishments and setting goals for the coming year.

Although most Americans will abandon their personal resolutions before February 1st, organizations will toil, gnash teeth and soldier on to fulfill their "resolutions" because rewards are often tied to the results.

This helps explain why over the last two months there has been an uptick in two related trends: More i4cp member organizations have been seeking advice on how to best implement new reporting tools or how to maximize the value they get from existing tools. By "reporting tools," I'm referring to scorecards, dashboards, analytics reports and the like. Through assisting these members and from my own corporate experience, I have discovered some common stumbling blocks.

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