Make Better Decisions at Work Webinar (Earn 1 PDU)

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Our decision-making capability has a major impact on the value we bring to the organization and to the way we may be perceived in the workplace.  If we’re too impulsive, we may rush into poor decisions.  If we’re too analytical, we may get stuck and stall progress to moving forward.

In our complex business environment, decision-making is increasingly challenging.  Our mental models around what will lead to success are rapidly disintegrating.  Emerging threats seem to be constantly on the horizon that we need to plan for.  Not to mention that we can easily be bombarded by information and data overload.  

This is exactly why we need to have an approach to decision-making we can rely on to help us consider crucial factors with a critical thinking lens to launch us into decisive action.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify your tendencies in decision-making and consider how it may impact your credibility at work
  • Build confidence as you shift your mindset from making the “right” decision to making a “quality” decision
  • Learn 5 key questions that will provide structure to your decision-making process for better results

This webinar is ideal for business professionals who want to strengthen their decision making skillset.



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