Most People Fail to Achieve Their New Year's Resolution. For Success, Choose a Word of the Year Instead

By Canadian Management Centre

It’s rare for people to actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions.  U.S. News & World reports the failure rate at 80% by mid-February.    Failure comes for a variety of reasons, lack of clarity, expectations that are too high or maybe the negative psychology behind the word resolution.

You can help yourself find success this year if you try a new approach.  Identify a word to remind yourself of the change you are looking to achieve.  Melinda Gates chose “grace” for both 2018 and 2019 saying “…it makes us more open to the world, to new experiences, to each other.  It creates connections and encourages empathy.

To choose your own word:

  1. Identify achievable goals.   Don’t tempt disappointment by setting unrealistic expectations.
  2. Identify what will inspire and support you. What attitude will help you advance toward your goals? What word encapsulates what you want, how you can get it and who you need to be to move in the right direction?

Once you’ve selected your word.  Use it as a mantra to remind yourself of your intended direction.  Share it if you want to, let your friends, family and coworkers find opportunities to support you.  Then, let go of the resolution mentality and keep focussed on moving ahead.

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