Building a Trust-Based Team

Build Trust. Boost Your Team's Performance.

Success requires more than high-performing individuals; it requires high-performing teams built on a foundation of trust, candour and psychological safety that empower each team member to contribute authentically and fully to the team’s work. In this workshop, we will explore how to unlock the 5 Principles that Canadian Management Centre has found to be most critical to fostering a strong, trust-based team culture.

How You Will Benefit

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  • Appreciate how culture is defined by shared values and accepted behaviours and understand the link between culture and team and organizational results
  • Describe the 5 Guiding Principles, the behaviours and actions associated with each, and the impact of fully applying each
  • Explain how the 5 Principles contribute to a positive work environment and culture founded on psychological safety and trust
  • Recognize your strengths and gaps in applying these principles and commit to concrete actions related to building a strong team culture
  • Build alignment on the core principles needed for a team culture based on trust
  • Strengthen psychological safety on your team
  • Foster a positive, collaborative work environment where all team members contribute fully and authentically

Course Features:

  • Complete a self-reflective questionnaire that pinpoints your most effective collaborative behaviours and reveals opportunities for growth
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with team members and peers that drive alignment and shared understanding
  • Leave with clarity as to next steps and concrete actions to take to implement the 5 Principles on your team

Who Should Attend

Leaders and intact teams who wish to build a strong, positive, trust-based team culture.


$475 Non Member Fee
$450 Member Fee

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4 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant Jun 8, 2023

    This workshop was not only educational but fun as well. We had a lot of laugh during break out room time and that was very refreshing for our team, since we are always very busy and we talk only about work.

  • Past Participant, Member Association Apr 12, 2023

    It was all good. Open to learning more.

  • Past Participant, Member Association Apr 12, 2023

    Eye-opening course. Even if the concepts are simple, sometimes we need a nudge to recognize them, take them in, and apply them. Kindness goes a long way :)

  • Past Participant, Member Association Apr 12, 2023

    3+ hours was very long. Otherwise, a fantastic course!

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