Mastering the Art of Critical Conversations

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Course Code: 32146

Face up to high-stakes or emotional conversations with results-oriented skills.

If you're like most people, you run into trouble when conversations turn from routine to crucial. The knee-jerk response is to run and dodge the topic, hide behind an email, or just wing it and hope for the best. Gain the skills to step up, speak with confidence and honesty to achieve positive results.

Productivity stems from face-to-face communication, as well as your ability to express controversial and risky opinions effectively. Attend this course and practice using real-life models to conduct difficult conversations on any topic. You’ll gain the skills and summon the courage to step up, speak openly and honestly, and get results that count. 

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How You Will Benefit

  • Determine your “hot buttons” and take steps to manage your emotions
  • Transform relationships by addressing real issues with authenticity
  • Openly express opinions that can lead to success and productivity
  • Give and receive feedback without negativity
  • Self-monitor your reactions and keep calm during critical conversations
  • Develop advance strategies for managing critical conversations, as well as getting them back on track
  • Improve your ability to shape results and get things done
  • Analyze elements of a critical conversation
  • Understanding your physiological response and when emotional hijacking occurs
  • Recognize your default mode under stress and preferred conflict style
  • Practice tools to deal with various emotional responses
  • Examine your beliefs and self-fulfilling tendencies
  • Identify remedies to manage critical conversations when they get off track
  • Prepare for and practice different types of critical conversations
  • Diagnose and address problems while having critical conversations
  • Practice having critical conversations “on the fly”

Course Features

  • Self-assessment to provide insights into your conflict behaviours (TKI®)
  • Role plays to practice critical conversation techniques and behaviours in a safe environment, with coaching
  • Videos to illustrate specific types of conversations
  • Activity book with exercises and activities to keep as a reference


Who Should Attend

Business professionals who want to be better prepared to manage critical conversations that can have a significant impact on relationships and productivity at work.

Please note: Live Online sessions are conducted in partnership with American Management Association.



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45 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Sandra West, Workers' Compensation Board Mar 7, 2019

    All the course information was relevant and very helpful for future conflict meetings.

  • Andrew Cardinal, Cardinal Funeral Homes Ltd. Mar 7, 2019

    Great facilitator. Relevant content. I am excited to use this as a template for when I return to work. Great job. Very engaging. Very intuitive

  • Debra Adair, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Mar 7, 2019

    Enjoyed the course! The two days flew. Jill had great energy and was wonderful to remind everyone to remember that comments share should be kept confidential. Jill had great energy and shared some great insights. She also encouraged us to help each other as well. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear about the challenges everyone else faces while we were in a safe environment to speak. I always feel like a valued customer - when I visit the CMC. I review all sorts of training options available to me and it really is my favourite go - to for sharpening my toolkit!

  • Past Participant, Esri Canada Mar 7, 2019

  • Past Participant, Sionna Investments Managers Mar 7, 2019

    Jill was a very good instructor. Great presentation skills and gave good examples of critical conversations. I feel like I have a game plan going forward.

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