The Voice of Leadership

Use the power of communication to lead, inspire, influence and achieve results.

Take the lead with confidence and credibility through use of untapped communication skills. This seminar is designed to strengthen your leadership communication skills in diverse situations. Learn and practice techniques to shape your message, develop an authentic leadership voice and engage in powerful conversations to achieve results with the confidence and support of your team. 

How You Will Benefit

  • Describe and apply the principles of effective leadership communication
  • Communicate your vision and values with passion and precision to captivate your audience
  • Demonstrate how to effectively assign responsibility and delegate authority
  • Influence others to change their behaviours and beliefs for the better
  • Implement ways to recognize and reward people for their efforts and good work
  • Evaluate the best tools to handle tough situations in ways that minimize resistance and maximize acceptance
  • Lead a team with poise, confidence and presence
  • Adapt your leadership communication style for different team members
  • Gain the buy-in, trust and loyalty of your team
  • Create a strong, effective leadership team
  • Achieve a positive, healthy workplace

Course Features

  • Simulation activities to help transfer learned skills and behavior to the working world
  • Job aids and tip sheets to take back to the workplace
  • Structured case studies to apply learning in groups
  • Worksheets and exercises to enhance participation and learning

Who Should Attend

Business leaders, executives, managers, executive coaches and/or mentors, and those  aspiring to leadership positions.

Live Online classes are delivered in partnership with American Management Association.


$2,995 Non Member Fee
$2,695 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

$2,995 Non Member Fee
$2,695 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

When colleagues learn together, everyone benefits!

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37 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Sandie H., Executive Director Oct 25, 2023

  • Chris T., General Manager Oct 25, 2023

    Very detailed & a good learning pace

  • Susan C., Manager, Data Management Jun 23, 2023

    Loved the idea after every hour there is a 10 min break.

  • Wassim Louis, Kumon Canada Inc. Oct 31, 2019

    Great communicator. Great learning materials.

  • Ruth Baah-Gyebi, Elpizo Counselling Services Oct 31, 2019

    Informative, great personal development, great networking opportunities, interactive and engaging

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