Employee Engagement: A Basic Competency Managers Must Master

By Canadian Management Centre

Employee Engagement Image

Think back to your childhood for a moment. Mom or Dad was frustrated and frantically looking all over the house for something. Finally, he or she found “it” and lamented: Why is it ALWAYS in the last place I look?

Employee engagement is a lot like that.

Businesses continue to look for competitive advantages. They benchmark. They build new buildings and invest in new technology. They outsource and work to get “lean.” They hire consultants, attend seminars, and struggle to manage rapid change. Then some of these organizations stop, think, and begin to actively involve a natural resource that has ALWAYS been there - their employees.

They go beyond theory and concept to practical application and values-based behaviour. The result: they unleash extra commitment, effort, and loyalty - the three components of engagement - from their workforce. This engagement helps accelerate productivity, innovation, customer service, quality, and many other desired business results. ... continue reading article

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