Coach’s Tool: Personal SWOT Analysis

By Canadian Management Centre


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Whether we are coaching others or developing ourselves, we need to focus our energies on developing the right skills and competencies for the context we’re in. 

Often, our success can be attributed to the happy overlap of our personal interests, abilities, and strengths with the particular skills our organization needs to be successful. Conversely, failure results when our skills do not match what’s needed, at a given time or in a given role. 

This tool will help you map the intersection of personal strengths and weaknesses (or “development areas”) with the organization’s priorities, highlighting where the employee can best contribute (their “opportunities”) and where they need to upskill to stay relevant (“threats”). 

It includes a visual reference to 10 skills that are particularly crucial in times of rapid change. You will notice that some are more applicable to leaders and some to individual contributors. Feel free to add additional skills that are important for your team or organization.

You can use the Personal SWOT Analysis to:

  • Assess an employee or client you wish to coach. You can work through the tool together, or each complete a version and compare notes. Use the results to identify skills gaps and underutilized strengths and work together to identify learning priorities for the individual.
  • Assess your team. Ask everyone to complete a Personal SWOT. You may wish to discuss the organizational needs together beforehand. Refer to the results as you set performance goals, give stretch assignments, delegate and plan training and development offerings. 
  • Assess yourself. Pinpoint your own development needs and share your results with your coach or manager. 

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