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Engaging the best in people to achieve results

Effective leaders know that the way to get exceptional results, consistently over time, is by connecting people with their talents, interests and potential. That’s where coaching comes in. Coaching expands capacity and confidence, while driving greater commitment to organizations and their goals. But by “coaching” we’re not talking about the twice a year “performance review”. True coaching is about how you work with and through people every day to inspire better performance. If you want to learn to do this more effectively, this course is for you. 

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How You Will Benefit

  • Establish a coaching climate: Make it safe to develop authentic coaching relationships 
  • Assess performance and potential in those you coach
  • Develop a focused coaching plan that inspires others to act
  • Deepen your listening skills to broaden your understanding of those you lead
  • Use powerful questions that help people envision possibilities and solutions
  • Get commitment from employees for the goals they set in your coaching conversations
  • Guide your employees in creating an action plan that drives accountability and helps them track their progress and accomplishments
  • Provide ongoing feedback and support that motivates and boosts performance
  • Handle difficult conversations and conflict with emotional control
  • Ensure your coaching is “brain friendly” by leveraging key concepts in neuroscience 
  • Return to work with a set of effective coaching techniques that you can apply immediately
  • Increase your confidence as a coach within your leadership role
  • Cultivate strong coaching relationships and experience higher levels of employee engagement and commitment
  • Achieve greater performance together with your team members
  • Enhance your leadership effectiveness for greater workplace satisfaction and career success

Course Features:

  • Pre-course activities to activate your thinking and get the most out of your in-class time
  • Personal assessment to increase self and relational awareness 
  • Hands-on practice of coaching skills to apply your learning immediately
  • Opportunity to discuss your real-life coaching challenges during the workshop
  • Individual coaching and feedback from an expert practitioner
  • Post-session coaching tips to foster on-the-job application 
  • Two follow-up, group coaching sessions, approximately 30 and 60 days after completing the course.


Who Should Attend

Individuals who are responsible for the performance and development of other employees. Those in leadership and management roles who want to enhance their self-awareness and coaching skills.



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74 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past participant, Federal Express Canada Ltd. Nov 20, 2018

    Content was very good and practical. Having it spread over two days was helpful as there was more than enough content to fill both days. Also liked the opportunity to role-play and work in teams - much more effective than a one-way, didactic session. Rose was clearly very familiar with the content and I appreciated her ability to draw from her work experiences to demonstrate key points throughout the workshop. It was obvious she has a strong grasp of the subject and enjoys leading these workshops. Overall, the course was great and Rose was an engaging, knowledgeable facilitator. Always more effective when the facilitator has practical experience that they can draw upon, and share with the participants. Only two (small) suggestions for improvements/changes for future sessions... 1. At the conclusion of Day 1, participants were asked to include their name on the evaluation forms. We're all adults, but felt it wasn't appropriate to ask for that information as it may discourage honest feedback. 2. The role-playing was a useful way to apply the learning from the various elements of the day. However, for many of them on Day 2, there was not nearly enough time provided. (for example, one exercise provided participants THREE minutes to ask three different questions - with the respondents expected to provide answers as well. Not realistic at all). Would highly recommend that the second day of the workshop be revisited and adapted to remove some of the role-playing exercises to allow more time for those that the facilitator/organizer keeps in the session. Day 1 had a more realistic amount of content and group work built into the agenda.

  • Hamed, Angus consulting management Nov 19, 2018

    This course gave very essential and applicable knowledge I need as a leader and made me intersted for more in depth studies in terms of managemet technics.

  • Past participant, Info-Tech Research Group Aug 9, 2018

    I really like the idea of follow ups after the course, which makes it more like practical learning. On that note, I would recommend treating the in-class time more like a workshop, with more practical coaching experience and role playing; maybe stretching it to 3 days, but incorporating practice each day; letting the group witness and comment on interactions between pairs of people, pausing the action, correcting, continuing; noting problem areas for people to work on; maybe even start do an assessment of everyone's skill on day 1, then re-measure on day 3. There's certainly a great deal of conceptual learning to cover around coaching, but I feel like more experience and coaching on coaching during course time would help. I liked Colin and he did a great job. Our group was a little quiet, which I imagine was challenging for him, but he motored through just fine.

  • Past participant, Union Gas Limited Jul 23, 2017

  • Past participant, Watson L.P. Jul 12, 2017

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