Agile Leadership and Strategy

Fast. Flexible. Decisive. Orchestrate a new game plan to respond to complex and unpredictable changes.

In a shifting business environment, it’s the agile and resilient organizations that have a much better chance to survive—and even to thrive. With future orientation and entrepreneurial focus, this course gives you the roadmap to seize new opportunities and bounce back even stronger from unforeseen changes. Let’s build agility and resilience into your leadership repertoire and your organization’s DNA. Add the ability to shift mindset and inspire behavior change. Plus, the strategies to create more flexible structures and processes that grow your organization’s capability and performance.

How You Will Benefit

  • Examine the practices of the most agile and resilient organizations
  • Anticipate trends and patterns and take decisive action
  • Get your organization ready to navigate turbulent times and disruptive change
  • Develop a capacity for foresight—anticipating change
  • Get tools for exploring market opportunities
  • Build a plan and practice techniques to gain buy-in for changes
  • Lead and motivate others toward agile and resilient mindset and behavior
  • Transform agility and resilience in your organization
  • Further develop your personal agility and resilience
  • Why agility and resilience are your superpower
  • What agile and resilient organizations do that others do not
  • Assessing your organization to identify where to implement practices for agility
  • Building agility and strategy using the SEAL model: Scan, Experiment, Adapt and Learn
  • Scanning the macro and market environment for trends and patterns
  • Experimenting with pitfalls using a simulation
  • Reframing change to motivate your people
  • Adapting processes and structure using new business models
  • Leveraging a toolkit for leading change
  • Practicing agility with an interactive case study
  • Adapting your leadership style for greater agility and resilience
  • Using your assessment results to enhance your personal agility and resilience
  • Developing a personal game plan to increase ability in yourself, your team and your organization

Who Should Attend

Vice presidents, executive directors, directors, senior managers, division managers and others with strategic leadership roles. Table groups are encouraged and welcome.

Live Online classes are delivered in partnership with American Management Association.


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Course Reviews

  • Samantha H., Head of Operations and HR Jul 18, 2023

    It was great to have opportunities to discuss the different challenges Im facing inside my organizations and get suggestions or examples from the other participants and instructor. That way, it was great learning about strategies but also how to take them back and apply them specifically within my organization.

  • Past Participant, Libro Credit Union Mar 22, 2022

    Haywood has a wealth of knowledge and experience on the topic of agile. He effectively tied teaching concepts with applying it to real-life scenarios, and allowed time for all participants to ask questions and share our thoughts & stories.

  • Past Participant, Libro Credit Union Mar 22, 2022

    There were many concepts and discussion topics that I found valuable that I can bring back to my role and share with my team. I found it interesting that folks in different industries and a different country are dealing with similar experiences. I found the breakout sessions extremely valuable as was the case study.

  • Connie S., Brand Manager, Mount Franklin Foods LLC Jun 16, 2020

    I've been to alot of AMA classes and this one was one of the best I've attended. The materials were very well developed and the flow of learning of perfect. Haywood was also an excellent teacher and facilitator. Highly recommend!

  • Maureen M., VP Sales & Marketing, Data Innovations Jun 16, 2020

    A couple of thoughts to make it even more effective.1) Suggest that the case study be recommended reading prior to the class so it makes contributions by the class even more effective. 2) Let people know how long each of the break out sessions will be and when the breaks and lunches will be. Haywood did this on Day 2 which was most helpful.

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