Avoid These 10 Training Mistakes

By Canadian Management Centre

You may be quite knowledgeable about your training topic, and yet still fail to deliver effective training to your class of executives or managers. The following ten mistakes can erode the quality of any training initiative. Ask yourself if you are guilty of any of them:

  • Insufficient workspace. In addition to providing ample space for your students, make sure to allow sufficient room for yourself. For example, if you are using an overhead projector, you need a table large enough to hold your overheads, manuals, props and so forth—about six feet long. You also need from six to eight feet of space between your table and the audience. More than that separates you from the audience; less may make you and your audience feel claustrophobic.

    If you are working off-site, give detailed instructions to those in charge of the facility—even provide a sketch—and arrive early to make any adjustments.

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