Employers' Two Branding Missions Their Product and Their Workplace

By Leigh Branham

The soft economy may be putting the brake on job hopping, but it hasn't slowed the worker shortage. Competitive companies with a longer-term view haven't lost their focus on attracting and keeping new talent. In fact, 64 percent of companies surveyed by the Conference Board report they will be invested more money in 2001 to market their brand to their employees.

If the idea of re-recruiting your employees sounds a little strange or you're still not sure what employment branding is, heres a definition that will help bring you up to speed:

Employment branding uses traditional marketing principles to achieve status as an employer of choice. It involves understanding that a company manages two brands a product or service brand-marketed to customers and an employment brand marketed to employees and recruits brand and that these reinforce each other. When used effectively, the employment brand competitively differentiates a company's quality of employment experience from the experience at other companies competing for the same talent.

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