Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

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You have the ability to transform your team environment.

Get ready to examine your managerial style and increase your self-awareness. Here’s your chance to adapt your approach, navigate conflicts, and motivate your people. You’ll have an opportunity to experience management simulations and role-model the specific behaviours that will enable you to perform at your very best and move from being a boss to a coach who gets results. Attend this course to learn how to conquer obstacles that are in the way of the results you want to achieve.


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How You Will Benefit

  • Increase your confidence and gain better buy-in from your team 
  • Create a high-performance team with shared goals 
  • Motivate your people and help to connect work with a purpose and meaning 
  • Gain practical tools to deal with conflicts and challenging employees 
  • Quickly adapt and change your behaviour to better drive productivity 
  • Acquire the behaviours and competencies of a transformational coach 
  • Get feedback and answers to your challenges through simulations
  • Develop self-awareness of your style and behaviour 
  • Understand what it takes to create a high-performance team
  • Identify remedies to fix dysfunctional teams 
  • Develop your team members to reach their highest potential 
  • Identify motivating triggers, barriers, and generational differences 
  • Assess your conflict profile and apply the most effective approach for handling conflicts 
  • Learn to deal with real workplace challenges through management simulations

Course Features

  • Self assessment for insight into individual behaviour and how you work with others
  • Management simulations to apply your learning
  • Opportunities to address your specific challenges with the help of expert coaching and feedback

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Who Should Attend


Managers with a few years of experience who are interested in enhancing their managerial effectiveness.

Please note: Live Online sessions are conducted in partnership with American Management Association.



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62 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant, Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc Dec 18, 2019

  • Past Participant, Torys LLP Jan 14, 2020

    I enjoyed this course and there was a lot of relevant material provided. I like that it was kept interesting by having group discussions, activities and watching videos. I've applied some of what I learned in this course directly into my work. Knowledgeable, presents topics clearly, speaks clearly and provides clarification if you don't understand something. She was also just a lovely person in general. Most of the reading and exercises will be done on your own time and not during the class so to get the full benefit of it, you'd have to spend more time doing the homework.

  • Bryan Wang, Givex Sep 11, 2019

    Karen was great at facilitating discussion and bringing the material to life with her own experiences and drawing out comments from the class. I enjoyed the lively, example-based learning approach. Some modules felt very theoretical, (like Building a Team on Day 1 and Conflicts on Day 3) but that seems to be the standard for management training, which looks for an academic model to teach. They cover a lot of material you will need to know. And provide you with a lot of tools and models to draw upon. Keep an open mind and figure out what can be applied and how to adapt it to your work

  • Xiao Dong Zhu, Mold-Masters Sep 11, 2019

    Excellent course very useful skills. Very knowledgeable instructor

  • Past Participant, Insurance Bureau Of Canada Sep 11, 2019

    She did a good job pulling us all together. I think the small group size was a clear benefit. It will help in understanding what drives tram members (and yourself) other than a paycheck

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