Leadership Development for Women

  • Business Excellence for Women
  • Course Code: 92010

Use your strengths and abilities strategically to develop your leadership success.

This course is designed specifically to show you how to use your strengths and abilities—your competitive edge—to move forward as a leader. You will learn how to master your emotions in even the most unwelcoming atmosphere, develop a network of support, take smart risks and view competition in a more positive light. Discover how to present yourself in a way that earns respect and pursue your goals with positive energy. Return to your job feeling confident, with a more competitive mindset, and in a better position to be recognized for your true capabilities.

Listen to Kathryn Mayer, author of Collaborative Competition, discuss what holds women back in the workplace and tips for taking smart career risks. 

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How You Will Benefit

  • Lead confidently by adopting a ‘collaborative competition’ mindset 
  • Increase your competitive advantage by learning to take smart risks
  • Plan a strategic leadership network to support your professional growth
  • Develop strategies and tactics for dealing with colleagues in low trust relationships
  • Recognize the unique challenges for women as leaders
  • Adopt a competitive mindset to leverage your strengths
  • Build a strategic network of key stakeholders who will promote your career
  • Take a proactive approach to competitive and challenging situations
  • Recover from setbacks with more confidence and resilience
  • Learn how to collaborate with people you don’t like

Course Features

  • Self-assessments for insight into individual behaviour and how you work with others
  • Hands-on activities to engage participants in building and demonstrating skills
  • Online video featuring thought provoking and inspiring women leaders
  • Job aids and resources to help you recall and apply key learning points


Who Should Attend

Female business professionals in the early stages of their leadership journey looking to define their personal leadership vision, overcome limiting beliefs and build relationships to support forward movement in their careers.

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28 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant, Rakuten Kobo Inc Dec 2, 2019

    The course material was a little too "intro" for my current role, but I think it would be a great fit for someone newly stepping into a leadership position (or aspiring to do so). A more advanced course would be interesting for seasoned female leaders.

  • Past Participant, Rakuten Kobo Inc Dec 2, 2019

    The content of the course was useful but maybe for someone at a more junior level (ie . a new manager)Nellie was really engaging. She kept the content interesting and relevant. I appreciated that she didn't stick "on book" too much. This is a good course for new women leaders who need a boost in confidence.

  • Past Participant, New Zealand High Commission Dec 4, 2019

    Her energy and enthusiasm were great and made the course be even better than otherwise with another instructor. The first few hours of the course were more along the lines of what I had expected, in terms of framing the unique challenges we face as women leaders. Whilst I can understand the approach of working through broader influencing etc techniques and applying the lens relevant to our grouping, it would have been good to have had more of an emphasis/lens along the lines of the initial pitch/first few sessions.It provides a useful way to think about the specific challenges we face as female leaders and how we can approach these. But it didn't really take it to the next level in terms of addressing them/clear strategy going forward - eg the talk about your brand was super relevant to us all, and we could have spent a lot more time on that and testing it out with others in the class rather than other parts of the course.

  • Li Li, Toyota Motor Manufacturing canada Dec 2, 2019

    This is a soft skill development course, instructor has great experience and explain all questions from the trainee. And she is inspiring and motivating me to look from people point of view and deep thinking how to position myself and personal branding my leader role. Very good in depth discussion. She is inspiring, energetic and able to answer all the questions from class. What is your personal brand? What is your next 5 years plan in your career, You will find inspiring answer here.

  • Past Participant, Telus Corporation Sep 1, 2019

    I enjoyed the interactions and the way the course was delivered by Nellie. It was personalized to what I wanted to take back and implement. Very happy with the outcome and I am confident that I will implement and be more aware on things happening within and around me! I loved how Nellie brought us all together and made us feel very comfortable in sharing and learning. Each of us got what we wanted from the course. She was able to relate to us in a personal level. I really appreciate how much she gives herself to the material to make it more relevant to us! Good job!!! Appreciate her dedication to all of us and our personal and professional growth!Fantastic program if you want to become more aware of yourself and your professional surrounding!

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