Leading in a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Maximize individual, team, and organizational potential through diversity and inclusion

A diverse team with unique individual perspectives can deliver exceptional results when their leader embraces inclusive practices. This course provides deeper insights into yourself, your team, and the benefits of inclusion at all levels in your organization. Through self-assessment, case studies and activities, you will develop competencies to create an environment fueled by engagement and innovation. In addition, you’ll take away practical tools for hearing, recognizing and appreciating your team—so productivity can soar.


How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Recognize the issues and value of diversity & inclusion at the personal, team, and organizational levels
  • Become a more inclusive leader by recognizing strengths and growth opportunities for yourself and for others
  • Recognize how diversity and inclusion influence day-to-day interactions and decision-making
  • Communicate effectively and inclusively in a diverse environment
  • Articulate how operating from biases impacts innovation, productivity, and engagement
  • Analyze diversity and cultural competencies in the context of talent management
  • Harness the power of differences to boost team performance and collaboration
  • Manage disagreements, misunderstandings, and conflict
  • Understand the primary source of unconscious bias, micro inequities, and micro advantages
  • Conduct dialogues about unconscious bias with peers, managers, and subordinates to improve communication, services to clients and team collaboration
  • Develop your vision and plan for an inclusive workplace and teams

Course Features

  • Interactive group discussions that allow you to share your challenges and experiences with peers
  • Hands-on activities to give you the opportunity to try new skills in a safe environment and transfer your learning back in your work environment
  • A self-assessment that provides insight into your preferences and how that impacts how you work with others
  • Job aids to help you recall and apply key learning points back in your workplace

Who Should Attend

Managers and leaders who want to promote and lead an increasingly diverse workforce and client base and promote an inclusive environment; diversity and inclusion leaders; learning and development professionals.

Live Online classes are delivered in partnership with American Management Association.

Live Online courses delivered in partnership with American Management Association


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2 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Shelly Elston, Service Canada Dec 13, 2022

    i really enjoyed the course. The facilitator was excellent- she kept a nice pace and allowed people time to think about the topic and respond if they wanted to. I also thought the material was well organized and meaningful, without being too dense. The course gave me lots to think about and work on in my role, and in my life.

  • Cynthia Neilson, Manager, Diagnosis and Clinical Care, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Oct 18, 2021

    Good use of tools to encourage participation.

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